If you pay me directly by either cash or check at the time of service I offer the following rates:

An initial 50 minute psychotherapy consultation and ongoing 50 minute weekly psychotherapy sessions are the same fee: $170. If you wish to work twice weekly I am willing to discuss a discounted rate.

For medication management I do an initial evaluation that takes 75-90 minutes, the charge is $350.

After the initial visit, a 50 minute visit for medication management with or without psychotherapy is $170 and a 25 minute visit for medication management alone is $150.

I can provide you with a statement monthly.  I do not accept credit cards for payment.

My fees are subject to change and were last updated January 1st 2017


I am an in network provider for the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Pacific Source

The fees I charge for services if you have one of the health insurance company policies above are set out in my contractual agreement with these insurance companies.  They are usually lower than the fees listed here.  You may check with them to get a full list of their approved fees, or you can ask me at the time of your appointment.

If you have different insurance, and it offers out of network benefits I may be able to submit claims directly to your health insurance company.

To be sure, you should check the following with your insurance provider:

Whether you have out of network benefits.
What percentage of my fees they will expect you to pay.
What your deductible and co-pays are.

Some insurance companies will allow you to pay me directly and then submit the charges to them so that they may reimburse you.  My fees are discounted if you pay me directly at the time of service since I don’t have to do the extra work of submitting a claim.  Click here for information about my fees if you pay me directly. Insurance companies will usually want a statement with information about your diagnosis, the service provided, and fee.  I will provide this information to you in a monthly statement.

Here is my list of fees that I use to submit to insurance companies.

I have made the decision to opt out of Medicare.  If you have Medicare and wish to see me for evaluation or treatment we will need to discuss and review an agreement that you will pay me directly and understand that I can not submit claims to Medicare.